Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I finished this little book that I have been working on and the online class I was taking. I really enjoyed this. Before I began the book I assembled the papers and whatnot that I wanted to use with it and kept everything I needed in a giant envelope ready to pull out during quiet time. The hardest part of putting this together was getting the pictures developed at my local pharmacy (we were suppose to take photos on Mondays have the pages done by Thursday and Friday...well, not that she was too strict about the 'due dates'), but I eventually got in a groove with that and now Juan and I are good friends. He sees me coming and says "online order, right?"

I'm going to miss Juan.

Anyway, today I am off for the Green Mountain State to frolic in the Green Mountains. They've had a rainy spell so I've packed Andrew's boots and raincoat and am all geared up for some serious puddle jumping.

And...so that I don't leave you hanging...I've pre-made a few posts that I'll put up later in the week. So, don't give up on me entirely!

Ok, muddy puddles! Here we come!


Susan said...

I love the cover, Robyn. I haven't looked closely at any of your finished books in awhile but it strikes me that this one is a little fancier than average. That's cool. Didn't you used to be leery of scrapbooking yourself? Your kids will love this book one day.

Mama V said...

That picture cracks me up, especially the little Christmas tree sitting next to you.

Robyn said...

Yeah, that picture is an old one...well, from December. You can't really tell but I am 5 months pregnant...not really reflective of Summer '08...but sometimes bending the rules is so useful!

un-nerved said...

Congratulations Robyn! You rock!