Thursday, August 7, 2008


So yesterday I spent way too long going through my photos from the last few months to assemble an order for Snapfish. Too bad I didn't do this in time to use the promotion code my sister sent me to get 50 photos for 50 cents. What's with that?

Anyway, I often notice that when I let a little time go by and look at a group of photos again that they strike me differently than they did when they were first taken. I like different ones or something new stands out to me. For example:

When I first saw this photo I thought, "baby hands are a little weird. sort of alien." But Isaac doesn't do this with his hands anymore. They are not always flexed open, seeming startled. So now I think, "oh yeah... so sweet. My baby is growing up! He is now so, so old." And you can see his cord in this picture which I thought was really gross. And now I don't think it's gross at all anymore. Maybe because now I don't have to clean it.

And how did I miss this one?

OK. I plan to be back later showing off some scrapbooking I have planned for this afternoon.

See you then.

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Melissa said...

I missed the 50 photos for 50 cents promotion, too! Now I'll never be motivated to do an order!

I love alien baby bodies. Enzo was like an old man from the moment he was born- his skin was so wrinkly and squooshy.