Saturday, August 9, 2008


1. Isaac turned 3 months old!

2. Isaac seemed to grow out of his current set of clothes in the last 12 hours. Or maybe the last 24.

3. I went through Andrew's baby clothes and found very little warm weather clothes that will fit Isaac.

4. I took the boys to Target to not find any warm weather clothes for Isaac.

5. I started this scrapbook page about the cutie Christmas ornaments I grew up with.

6. We went out to dinner!

7. We went to a friend's 08.08.08 birthday party which she had on her rooftop deck at sunset overlooking the city.

8. We watched some of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

and today I am still in my jammies, sipping tea as I finished up this page up while Andrew assembles puzzles on the floor next to me.

a good start to the weekend...


Melissa said...

It baffles me that Andrew does puzzles while you are on the computer. Maybe it's because our computer is sort of hidden away upstairs, but every time I go on the computer when Atticus sees me, he HAS to do a "blog entried" or write and email, and gives me about 2 seconds to do what I want to do without pestering me the whole time. The other day at a coffee shop, he said, "I would love to get a laptop just for me. I could keep it in the toy room."

Isn't it nice when you can accomplish things and be kind of relaxed at the same time?

Danielle said...

I'm sure you know about this blog, but I just found it and thought of you:
Hope you're well! We just had our second baby boy, as well--wild times!!

Mama V said...

I was thinking the same as Melissa! Lucas never lets me get away with being on the computer without requesting a video of subway trains on youtube! I can sometimes get away with telling him that I'm "working" and that he'll have to play later!

I'm in the same predicament about clothing and seasons with my boys. Argh.

Sounds like a GREAT start to the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn -

I'm Tara Z's sister in law and I check your blog from time to time since you are so crafty and domesticated, something I would love to be more of! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you my older sister and I had that EXACT same ornament. It brought back such memories. I hope my parents still have it, I want to get my mitts on it!

Anyway, thank you for always keeping me entertained!


Robyn said...

Steph, which one?

Miss Vicki said...

Be prepared to shop at JCP here in VT-I hope they have warm weather clothes for Isaac.

Anonymous said...

The sleigh one, but I just saw the white mouse and we definitely had that one too!! What a great idea for a page, a way to relive memories :)