Friday, September 26, 2008

Andrew's lately's

1. Andrew and I have many play arguments that go something like this:

He'll say to me, out of nowhere: "You sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'!"

To which I reply, "No, you sing 'Moon, Moon, Moon'!"

And then he says, "No you sing 'Wheels on the Bus'!"

Well the other day we were in one of our arguments and he surprises me with this:

"I'll sing ABC song, K?"
"Ok, you sing ABC song."
Andrew sings, "A B C D" And then says to me "You sing E!"

Little micro-manager, that one.

2. When I gave Andrew his lunch yesterday, he said, "Great job cooking, Mommy!"
It was a sandwich.

Andrew and I are working with the book Mouse Paint in Mommy School this week. He's still a bit shaky on his colors, so I am using that book to talk about colors some. In the book the mice mix up all the primary colors and discover secondary we mixed up our playdough colors to do the same. I love Mommy School, but that's a post for another day.

Happy Friday to one and all.


Seeking La Loba said...

Wow, what an elaborate train track! I'm looking forward to seeing your two little aliens tomorrow. Save me a brownie. :)

Melissa said...

Speaking of Mommy School...I know you aren't planning on homeschooling, but I was scheming about how you guys could move to Western Mass and I'd convince you to homeschool and we could start a homeschooling co-op together (do you know what that is? A group of kids getting together regularly to do projects with a different parent taking charge each week...and then they do field trips and social outings together).

Thought I should share in my scheming. (-:

Robyn said...

I wish we were doing that now!! That would be my ideal preschool!

There just seem to be lots and lots of reasons to move to Massachusetts! even western Mass! Who knew? ;)

Melissa said...

I'm sure you could find something like that around there, too, I just wouldn't be in it. Atticus wouldn't be, either. And that would be all the reason to come here!