Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We took the red-eye home last night/this morning. We flew out of San Francisco around midnight and walked into our apartment at noon. That flight was so much better than I thought it would be.

I just wanted to jot down some quick thoughts.

1. We feel like we just accomplished something. Vacation! with the kids! on an airplane! It went smoothly, there were no major mishaps and we would probably be crazy enough to try it again!

2. I am really surprised at how flexible the boys were. Especially on the flight back. The photo above was Dave's get-Andrew-asleep-in-an-airport tactic. He put him in his carseat while we waited at the gate and Andrew watched a little movie on Dave's iPod. Worked like a charm.

3. I am really surprised at flexible I am. I was expecting a major meltdown on the way home. I thought it might be Andrew that melted down, but I knew it was just as likely to be me. And he didn't. And I didn't. A huge success!

4. I took over 500 photos. All of which I uploaded to my friend's computer as well as my own. Which means that a quarter of her pictures in iPhoto are our pictures and only represent one week of galavanting. That seems obscenely unbalanced to me. Perhaps she will delete some...

5. I am going to officially remove "visit Marti on the farm" from my to do list. That's a great feeling.

6. Tonight is a great night to go to bed early. I just know it.

Good night.


Mama V said...

Will Yosemite be the next family vacation destination?

Welcome back!

Susan said...

I have an idea for your to-do list that would involve air travel . . .

We should make doughnuts together once it cools down a bit.

Seeking La Loba said...

Welcome home. I've been enjoying your pictures all week. Can't wait to hear the stories.

Melissa said...

Andrew looks like a little teenager in that picture!

It's funny- I was expecting major meltdowns on our ride home from the airport, too (including me- crying because vacation was over). But it went amazingly well. Ah, vacation! I'm so glad you guys had fun.

Also, I'm still jealous.

Melissa said...

I was talking about our trip to Florida back in May, by the way. That was our first family plane trip. (-: