Wednesday, October 22, 2008

False Start

When a play begins in football, the two teams stand on either side of the line of scrimmage and stay very, very still until the center snaps the ball to the quarterback. The sense of dramatic anticipation is nice, but the teams don't observe this moment of silence for dramatic purposes. It's the rules. If you move too soon, if you flinch, if you adjust your position, the whistle blows and you are accused of a false start. Then your team gets a penalty and you have to start again.

I feel like I keep getting false start penalties. I keep thinking that things are getting back to normal and I can resume normal activities, but they aren't and I can't.

Dave is back from Africa, resume normal activities. Whistle Blows. False Start. Dave gets sick. Three Day Penalty.

Dave gets better, resume normal activities. Whistle Blows. False Start. Andrew and Isaac get colds. Two Day Penalty.

Kids are getting better, resume normal activities. Whistle Blows. False Start. You are sick. One Day, no, make that Two Day Penalty.

So now I've decided to just sit at the sidelines for a while, observing the game for a day or two until I'm sure that we are ready for play. This means that the dust bunnies will multiply around us while Andrew and I watch Toy Story again this afternoon while sipping juice and tea.

Now tell me, what other craft blogs use sports analogies?
Made in Brooklyn: A delightful Harmony of Crafting and Sports

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Seeking La Loba said...

Hope you feel better soon! Way to work the sick time. I'm so proud of you. ;)