Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I love coming here because

1. it's pretty.
2. Andrew can play in a yard. Year round.
3. Andrew sleeps well because of all the time he spends each day playing in the yard.
4. My mom is stocked for any possible need that might come up. I've learned not to bother bringing shampoo, baby soap, toothpaste, a crib, a baby bathtub,'s all here.
5. I like shopping with my mom.
6. I like watching my dad chase Andrew around the dining room. Believe it. It happened.
7. They don't play around with seasons. When it is fall, it's fall. This is serious business.
8. We get very well feed.
9. I helped with dinner tonight while my parents played with Andrew in the yard (oh. Did I already mention the yard? It deserves several shout-out's).
10. there are lots of people willing to hold Isaac when he wants to be held and I'm trying to do things that are hard to do when holding him. Love those extra arms. He does too.


Firefly said...

I love those pictures of Andrew.

And I am glad those skid steer operator guys are gone.

Rhona said...

Love those photos and look at all those leaves - fantastic!! How long are you staying with your parents for?

Goes On Runs said...

i love florida because of the yard, the help, the cousins, did i mention help. :) i feel your sighs of peace & well-being.