Friday, October 3, 2008

little bits of Rice for your Friday.

Last night during dinner Dave was holding Isaac. Isaac loved being up at the table with us instead of in his bouncy chair on the floor. He smiled and laughed and bounced up and down all during dinner. His favorite part was being so close to the food. He intentionally slapped his little hand down right in the middle of Dave's pile of pasta. We might have an epicurean on our hands.

Andrew has been in desperate need of more control lately. And I have been in desperate need of more control lately. And, as you might imagine, we frequently disagree about who should be in charge. So, yesterday afternoon, after a day of "you need to do what I ask", "if I tell you not to do something, you cannot do it" and various trips to time-out, we played Little Napoleon. Andrew had about one hour when he was in charge. And he loved it. He decided that we should play puzzles and then we should turn on the music and then we should dance and we should first dance this way and then that way and then we should run laps around the living room and then we should jump up and down and then we should finish the puzzle. It was pretty fun. I think he would make a great aerobics instructor because it was the quite the workout.

Isaac used to give me longer stretches at night. I used to put him to bed at 7:30 and he would give me until 3 or 4. Now, every night he is up at 10:30 for a late night snack. Dave and I are usually still up chatting or watching something on the tube. So when we hear Isaac, Dave will go and get him and bring him to me in the living room. And then I feed him on the couch while Dave and I hang out. Usually I spend this time saying profound things like, "he is so cute!" "Look how he is this little person!" "Look how his hand is up on the side of his face." It's become one of my favorite times of day. It's quiet. It's me and Isaac and Dave time. It's just absolutely lovely.

Andrew has two imaginary friends. Their names are Bogo and Didah. They sit in the empty chairs at our dining room table when we eat dinner. Today I pressed Andrew for more information on Bogo and Didah. He told me that they were triangles. That they do not talk, play or ever leave our home. And what do they eat? Triangle cookies.


Melissa said...

I love this post. I love feeling like I know more details about your days together. And I'm jealous that you and Dave stay up until 10:30 together. That's 4 hours before Chris has to get up for work. )-:

Melissa said...

Is it just me, or do you and I say "I'm jealous of you" a lot? I hope we don't have a jealous relationship. (-:

Susan said...

I love the imaginary friend thing. Joseph has an all-purpose imaginary friend with many diverse talents and a wide-ranging personality. His name (spelled phonetically) is Shugadeedopsobeep. Margaret has decided this is also the name of her doll who has hertofore been a genderless creature named only "Baby." So I guess Shugadeedopsobeep is a step in the right direction.

un-nerved said...

I think Little Napolean is a genius idea! So creative! I think I might implement such a game into my marriage.

Melissa said...

I like "little Napolean", too. Soemetimes, we play "Atticus agenda". It helps me mentally focus on giving Atticus complete say about what we do, instead of saying, "Just let me finish this" or "wouldn't it be fun to do THIS instead?" You've inspired me to do it more regularly.