Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 years

Last weekend my friends Kirsten and Eric came over. When they were on their way over I remembered that I had not told Andrew yet they were coming. I said to him, "Andrew, guess who is coming over."

He answers, "Kirsten and Eric!"
"How did you know that?"
"Mom, I'm 3 years old."

It must feel really good to be 3 years old.

I finished my December Daily album today and I am really pleased with it. I like this idea of scrapbooking ahead of time. I like assembling the stuff, making the outline and preparing for the memories. It's a nice process and a nice change from how I normally go about all of this.

To make this I made a simple layout that included the day of the week, the date, some ribbon, patterned paper and a sticker. Then I just repeated that 25 times. Takes the guesswork out and makes the album feel unified.

And we all want unified albums. Right Chuck? ;)


Danielle said...

You need to start some sort of e-business. Or sell those in boutiques. Seriously.

Goes On Runs said...

peanut responds to the same question with "because i am smart." Oh right! i forgot.... smarty pants.

esme's mama said...

Robyn -- I need to know do you make a book for every month? Or is December special?

I'm super impressed either way!!

Robyn said...

No way!!! I have only ever done this once, and it was for last December. I really liked it, the process, the result, the whole thing. So, I am doing it again this year. Once I did a little book that looked at every day for a week. I liked that too...I should think about doing that again...

un-nerved said...

I think this is my favorite scrapbook so far. I want one.

It's time to step into your shyness and teach scrapbooking downstairs! Share the wealth this Christmas!