Saturday, November 15, 2008

check me out.

this is the cover of my baby book. My mom just scanned it and emailed it to me. She tells me that I am wearing a store bought dress...which you have understand...was extremely unusual.

This is more like it.

And check out this Easter dress. A work of art. She even embroidered the little flowers on the collar and around the bottom.

And this is just the beginning. There was a 'back to school' dress with crayons smocked on the front, a birthday dress with balloons appliqued on it and several incredible Christmas dresses. I should make an album of the dresses of my childhood. I think they deserve archival treatment.

But, wasn't I a great little model for my mom's handiwork? I mean, I really have to say, not bad.

Maybe I should have a girl.


Mama V said...

Hey, what's Andrew doing wearing pigtails?!

My grandparents lived with us growing up (like a good and proper Cuban family) and my grandmother was a professional tailor/seamstress. I never wore store bought clothing/dresses until we moved away to another state at 11 years old. I remember HATING it and it feeling so wrong (especially the fit). How spoiled was I? She did still make me church dresses until late high school, when she developed arthritis. I was crushed when she had to stop.

On another note,

Happy Birthday!

Firefly said...

Robyn, you are adorable.

Melissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little girl!

Cat said...

Happy birthday! Are you announcing some very special news or is that just hoping?

Robyn said...

oh no, no announcement, Cat. Just rethinking my I-can-only-imagine-having-boys parenting philosophy.

Firefly said...

What does it mean to smock?

I looked up the definition but I don't get it. I especially don't get it in the context of smocked crayons.

Danielle said...

You were too cute. I forgot people use to actually make clothes. Then again, I used to think "homemade" meant making a cake from a box and not buying it "premade" at a bakery.

Miss Vicki said...

Smocking is a needlework technique where you gather a large piece of fabric by stitching a design into it. A brand name Polly Flinders specializes in it. The pink Easter dress was French hand sewing-a technique of joining pieces of batiste by using a special piece of joining material-all done by hand-no sewing maching need apply. I obviously had too much time on my hands! Poor girls-it was hard to be my daughter!

un-nerved said...

I think sewing is becoming a lost art. So sad.

Firefly said...

Miss Vicki, I think it's wonderful that you are such an accomplished seamstress. What a wonderful skill to develop. I googled Polly Flinders and looked at a whole bunch of smocked dresses. No crayons, though. I did see a Christmas dress that had candy canes embroidered over the smocking. Here is a link to a picture of that dress:

Is that the way you did the crayons?

Also, by the way, it was awfully nice of you to crochet (or knit or however you made it) a blanket for Kirsten's baby. When Kirsten and Robyn told me about that, I thought it was so sweet.

I'm getting my sewing machine fixed this month. All the sewing talk has moved that errand up on the to-do list.

un-nerved said...

Do you plan to pass on the arts of sewing and baking to Andrew and Isaac?

Goes On Runs said...

okay...... per our conversation... andrew in fact does look like you. i am mistaken in thinking it was dave he resembled... way off, i was!