Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Dear Andrew and Isaac,

Last night was probably one of those nights that people will ask: "What were you doing when _________?" You know, like: "what were you doing when the Challenger exploded?" "What were you doing on 9/11?" "What were you doing when Barack Obama was elected president?" I think, it just might be, that kind of important.

Barack Obama's election is a big deal. It's a big deal for a lot of reasons. I think, ultimately, indisputably, it is a big deal because he is the first African American president. I wouldn't have been able to predict this. I think many Americans thought that it would not happen in their lifetime. And, here, in your lifetime, in my lifetime, it happened. And it makes me excited, and even proud to be an American.

But his election is also a big deal because our country is in crisis. We are engaged in two separate, controversial wars. Our economy is a disaster. And there are serious concerns about the environment and energy resources. Right now feels like the brink of something. And it could go either way. It could be the brink of something wonderful. Or it could be the brink of something else.

I am really hoping for wonderful.

I don't know that Obama will be able to fix the problems. I don't know if, by the time you are able to read this, if there will be the kind of improvement we are all hoping for. But I sure hope so. A lot of people hope so. And I'll be praying for wisdom for Obama as he takes on this incredible challenge.

So when they ask, when they ask you what you were doing when Obama was elected president,
Andrew: You were sleeping in your spaceship pajamas, in your toddler bed, in our little Brooklyn apartment. You were 3, full of life and had had a piece of birthday cake at a friend's house before dinner that night.
Isaac: You were sleeping in your puppy pajamas, in your crib, in our little Brooklyn apartment. You were 6 months, soft and snuggly and had had pureed squash for dinner that you ate off a silver spoon (not our silver spoon unfortunately).

So there is your snapshot of history.
I am anxious to see it unfold.


Melissa said...

Such a good idea! I might have to copy you on this one.

Maritza said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing. I think I might have to copy also.

Tara said...

This is a great way to personalize the amazing history of last night for your two little guys.

Firefly said...

I think you look so pretty in that picture of you and Isaac on the bed.

debs14 said...

Lovely baby photos!
It wasn't just Andrew and Isaac counting sheep in their PJs while history was made - I slept through it too, but the 5 hour time difference is my excuse! My son is studying politics at university and they had a special night at the Student Union from 11pm to 5am watching the results come in. It's been huge headline news over here.

Mama V said...

We're so glad you guys could be there to help make Lucas's birthday and election night so special!