Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hot chocolate and nog

First I want to publicly celebrate my discovery of Soy Nog at my local grocery store. I love Soy Nog. And I'm not a big fan of Soy Milk. Soy Nog is the one store bought eggnog that tastes remotely like my Dad's eggnog. And not at all like bubblegum, which is what I think of when I drink other store bought eggnogs.

My Dad's eggnog however, is, and always will be, the best.

Anyway, finding Soy Nog is a yuletide victory for me. Last year I went to every grocery store in our neighborhood looking for it. And nothing. This year, early success!

And now about hot chocolate:

Back in May I received a package from a friend that included a book about hot chocolate. I got the book in the summer, when, oddly, I don't drink a lot of hot chocolate. I would read the book and feel intimidated about the way the pros make it and wonder where I could get the fancy chocolate for such an endeavor.

Then the weather got cooler.

One day I decided to try a recipe. An easy one. I had some semisweet chocolate left over from a baking project and I decided to try to use it for hot chocolate. It was great. And more impressive? It was easy.

This is how it's done:

Pour some milk into your mug.

Pour that into a saucepan.

Get a handful (or two!) of chocolate. You could use chocolate chips. You could use your son's leftover Hershey bars from his Halloween loot. You could use whatever chocolate you like.

Decide if you want some other flavor action. Today I went with vanilla.

Add your chocolate and your flavors in with the milk.


and there you have it.

See? So, so easy.

But, you might have already known...I can just never tell with you guys.


Goes On Runs said...

i'll have to try...since hot chocolate is my nap time decadence. yum!

Melissa said...

THis will be a good excuse for me to go out and get some good chocolate. I have to go to Brattleboro to get the kind I like. So this will be a good excuse for me to go to Brattleboro. What's the book called?

Robyn said...

click on 'book' silly. ;)

debs14 said...

The best hot chocolate I ever had was in a little cafe in Lille, France. It was so lovely we asked the cafe owner for the recipe (not easy when you aren't fluent in French!) but his recipe is the same as yours. The major difference to normal 'English' hot choc is using the chocolate buttons. We don't cook with buttons here, we have blocks of chocolate to cook with. The only buttons we get are Cadbury's milk chocolate or white chocolate and they just don't work in cooking. So guess who ended up in a Carrefour supermarket at the Eurtotunnel terminal searching for semi-sweet chocolate buttons?!

Shannon said...

Yeah Melissa still hasn't figured that all out Robyn about hyperlinks and such.

I have been intimidated by making it too so I'll have to try some. right now!

Firefly said...

Hey man, what happened to Thursday?!

Robyn said...

Sorry yo! My craft project was top secret. So, no sharing.

I have big plans for cake for tomorrow. K?

Mama V said...

This post made me smile.