Sunday, December 7, 2008

Second Sunday of Advent

The Tree

by U.A. Fanthorpe

In the wood I am one of many
I am felled, sold, chosen
To be sole tree of a house.
I am throned in a gold bucket.
Light is sewn through my branches,
Precious gifts wrapped in silver
depend from my twigs. Star-crowned,
I am adored by children, cordially hated
By hoovering housewives, distrusted
by Health and Safety Officers, who name me
Fire Hazard. I reign for twelve days,
Then am sacrificed among rubbish,
Where I wither, age decay.

But every year I rise again indoors,
Hazardous fire of love.


debs14 said...

I am so pleased to see the start of the December project you are doing in place of Journal Your Christmas! I've just started to do mine (finished pages on !)
V impressed with Andrew's poinsetta artwork - what talent that young man has!

Miss Vicki said...

Beautiful tree! Isaac like the ornaments near the bottom!

Mandi Crocker said...

Poem. Morbid.