Monday, December 29, 2008

secrets revealed

Now that the holiday season is on the exhale I can reveal some of the Christmas secrets I've been guarding. I made lots of gifts this year. I just couldn't help myself. When I saw a pattern for this pencil roll and went through my list of Awesome People That I Want to Give Gifts To, this seemed to fit the bill for so many of those people: children, adults, family, friends, boys, girls, Democrats, Republicans... I mean, who doesn't love art supplies!?! And organized art supplies to boot? I made 12 of these, many with little matching journals.

Every year I feel like I take on a different goal for gift giving. Last year I tried to buy as many gifts from local stores as I could. One year I wanted to order all of my gifts online. This year, I tried making the bulk of my gifts. And this year was one of my most fulfilling years of gift giving that I can remember. Fun to make, great result, excited to send, rave reviews. And that makes for a merry Christmas!

Hope your holiday was wonderful!

I expect to have spotty posting this week as we are still in holiday mode, Firefly is in town (YAY!!!) and Loba is about to birth that baby (DOUBLE YAY!!!)...So if you don't hear from me, you know why. ;)


Melissa said...

I was beginning to wonder if the "Merry Christmas" post would be up until after marti left!

Love the gifts. Especially the napkins.

Robyn said...

napkins? Sorry, Melissa. No napkins. The first photo is the inside of the pencil roll and the second photos is several pencil rolls all rolled up. Sorry. I guess I should have been more clear about that! oops....

Mama V said...

Lucas loves his smencils and ESPECIALLY the holder! I think he gets more of a kick out of putting them in and taking them out of the holder over and over again than from using them at this point!