Thursday, December 4, 2008

The time has come

It's taken several days of "why is this harder than it should be?" before I've noticed that it's time. Gone are the days of Isaac sitting happily where ever I put him while he plays happily with whatever I've given him. Twice today I've asked Andrew "Where is Isaac?!?" Once Andrew responded "He's right there." But the second time Andrew said, "He's gone!"


He's not crawling in the traditional sense. But he gets around. It looks sort of like he's swimming. And pretty quickly despite his awkward, free-styling strokes. Today he swam into his brother's room to check out the box of little cars. While Andrew and I were playing "Let's Pop Bubbles While You Attempt Number Two On the Potty!" (which might, if I were more up to it, merit it's own blog post), Isaac swam up a step to join us in the bathroom.

From today forward the to-do lists are getting slashed in half. The Mommy Radar is set to "High". The time allotted to redirecting Isaac is going from "Little to No Time" to "All of his Waking Minutes".

As I remember, this is a very, very long stage.
Let the baby proofing begin!


Seeking La Loba said...

uh-oh. :)

Melissa said...

Oh yes. It's time. I love the thought of Isaac "swimming" around, though! Made me laugh!

Mama V said...

He totally has that airplane pose down pat. Isaac: big bellies make great gliders and pivoting points, don't they?

Robyn: seeing how Jesse never seemed to sit still and went from blob to crawling/sitting in what seemed like a minute, I don't feel sorry for you. At all.


Melissa said...

For Atticus and many of the older siblings I know, the moving stage was rough on them. A mom friend of mine gave me the idea to block off a space that Atticus could go to if he needed space from Enzo (if Enzo was taking his toys, climbing on him, etc.). He rarely used the space, but it was a nice option to give if things got tense.

Just giving you a head's up...

kate o. said...

may i just say i love all of your baking shots? any particular cookbooks you get your baking ideas from?

and your new banner is great.

Robyn said...

I really love "Passion for Baking" by Marcy Goldman. It's great. Completely revolutionized my baking! And that's where I got that apple muffin recipe I sent you.

Mandi Crocker said...

WARNING: Wildly inappropriate, insensitive, but potentially HILARIOUS (OR SOOONOT) comment coming. Swimming with his little baby nubs I'm sorry... I'm reminded of the horror classic 'Freaks.' Little Isaac with a knife in his mouth attacking the bad people with all the other circus freaks. Dave will know! It's black & white! A classic! You're kid could be in a classic! A creepy Halloweeny classic. What?