Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Last night Isaac had a case of the Super Fuss while I trying to make dinner. I could not figure out what he needed or why he was fussy. After passing him toys and snacks and all kinds of enticing objects, I finally took him out of his exersaucer and let him crawl around. He made a bee line for Andrew, who was playing Bob The Builder games on the computer. Andrew saw him coming and jumped down from his chair to crawl toward Isaac. Isaac started cracking up. Andrew started cracking up. Isaac stopped crawling, sat up and threw his head back laughing as Andrew crawled closer. Isaac slapped his legs as he laughed. So Andrew sat up and slapped his legs too. Which made both of them laugh even harder.

The transition to brotherhood for Andrew has been a long, bumpy road. And I'm guessing there are still lots of bumps ahead. But I love it when the two of them really enjoy each other. Especially if it means I can finish making dinner.


Firefly said...

Isaac and Andrew hamming it up.

Sorry I missed it. :)

un-nerved said...

Me too!

It seems like you're catching a few breaks these days.

The most poignantly joyous and content moments of my life have generally been when coming out of a depressed period. And with such simple things -- birds singing, bread baking. :)

Wishing you deep pleasures...

Mama V said...

I love the dirty legs/foot shot.