Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year

I have mixed feelings about the New Year. I always feel a little sad to say goodbye to Christmas. But I really enjoy a New Beginning. January for me is usually about a lot of cleaning. Cleaning up. Cleaning out. Deep cleaning. And this year I have already reorganized 2 of our 4 closets. I've sorted through the boys' toys and clothes and have done some packing away and some giving away. The cleansing of January always feels so needed and refreshing after the excess of December. And I like that cycle.

The past few years, I've joined the bandwagon of choosing a word for the New Year, instead of a resolution. And the word usually involves resolutions, but I have found it to be a good way to focus myself. Last year my word was 'mother'. The year before that my word was 'create'. This year, as I said a few weeks ago, my word is 'idle'. I want to try to build in time for being still and doing nothing.

Dave and I recently sat down and made ourselves a schedule of good habits. Time for working and working out. Time for family. Time for self. Time to be idle. We've tried this kind of thing before and keeping to the schedule has been tricky. But there's nothing like the New Year to make you think, "well maybe this time it will work."

I'll keep you posted. ;)


un-nerved said...

Robyn -- Is your camera ever idle? Is there anywhere you don't take it?

Robyn said...

I did not take it with me to dinner last night!

Actually, I should do a post about this...when to snap, when not to snap...interesting point, Anne!