Thursday, February 5, 2009

tools of the kitchen

I had a mixer for several years. I used it a lot for the first few years. It was my go-to baking tool. But one of tricky things about urban living is space. Especially space in the kitchen. We've seen (and lived in) many apartments were the kitchen is an afterthought. In one of our apartments the kitchen was a modified closet. And because of the tight squeeze, the mixer usually ended up in an awkward cabinet, somewhat inconveniently placed.

The last few years I would use the mixer for whipping egg whites, making frosting and the occasional complicated cookie or cake. And then, last year, while making Andrew's birthday cake, I overdid it. The mixer met it's match. I don't really want to go into any details, but I'll just say that I didn't know that mixers could emit smoke until that day.

I have done most of my mixing with wooden spoons and whisks for a while. They are easier to grab, easier to clean, and quieter. Last Christmas my mom gave me the whisk pictured above. It is designed specifically for bread and I love it. It's 'whisk-y' enough to get the yeast dissolving in the water quickly and but not so 'whisk-y' that it can't handle a thicker dough. By the time the dough is too thick for this whisk, it's time to knead anyway. So this little guy is my new go-to bread making tool. It's one of several smaller, multitasking tools that have replaced my sweet mixer.

So, thanks mom! I love it!

Andrew and I had these croissants today with raspberry jam for tea time. Again I find myself asserting my femininity.


kate o. said...

i'm loving reading through "a passion for baking". hope to make something from it tomorrow!

Melissa said...

love reading your blog, so inspiring and simple, to the point. Good stuff! Im going to add you to mine! You have a new follower! You are welcome to check out mine at, i also have a giveaway going through One World One Heart you can enter too. Hope to see you there!

Ms. Walker said...

I'm right there with you on the space thing. When I moved into my current home -- a treehouse of a space -- I got rid of A LOT of mechanical, electric stuff. There just wasn't space and I mostly don't miss any of it. (like the electric can opener. I discovered I can open cans just as well with a handheld little number!)

Melissa said...

Ummm...could I have a croissant w jam for tea time? Does Andrew like tea? Do you guys have a regular tea time? I love that idea.

I get too lazy to use my electric mixer- usually just do it by hand, too.

Robyn said...

Melissa: Me too! It was totally a lazy thing...not using the mixer. Which is so weird to me, because they are suppose to make it easier!

And...we are sort of starting an afternoon snack. And I have tea. I have not given Andrew tea...I wonder if he would like it. I have a friend that has regular tea time with her kids and she uses the time as part of her homeschooling stuff. I think she reads to them during tea time? Susan? You out there?