Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a good run

We are in a good run right now. Clipping right along with our every-day-ness. Both boys seem painfully cute right now. Both seem to be learning so much. I feel peaceful, easy going. I'm making the beds later, sipping my tea longer, hiding in couch cushion forts more often. Feeling productive, but calm and relaxed. Enjoying this run while it lasts.

Today's project? Whole Wheat Bagels. With butter. Two gone. Ten to go.


Melissa said...

How were the bagels? Are they hard to make?

I started thinking of all my project goals for when I stop working in a few weeks. And I do have some. but I decided my main goal is going to be to relax and not hyper-plan..."sip my tea a little longer" I'm with you.

Robyn said...

The bagels were great! They are not hard at all...but they take a little more time and fussing than other baking (they get broiled for a few minutes and then boiled for a while and then baked). But soooo yummy!

Miss Vicki said...

Remember that multigrain mix I bought at King Arthur? It would be a perfect addition to this recipe!