Tuesday, April 7, 2009

take two

When I finished my first round of bibs, I knew it was a project that I wanted to get back to. I just loved the project so much. Loved picking out crazy fabric. Loved quilting the meditative straight lines. Loved handmaking the binding tape and wrapping it all around the edges of the bibs. The projects involves so many of my favorite parts of quilting but in small quantities.

So last week I began round 2. And yesterday I was bound and determined to finish three for my friend, Kathy and her new babe. And my boys were bound and determined that I would not finish.

Isaac's distraction tactic? Empty the craft cabinet. Look for the really sharp scissors. Rummage through the sewing drawer that I thought I had emptied of all the dangerous objects until I see him gumming a package of needles.

Andrew's tactic was more direct. While I was making lunch Andrew reset the tension settings on my machine. Which I didn't notice until I had quilted two bibs. I take a closer look at the stitching and notice that I can pull the stitching right off. I'm not sure if you know this or not, but you are not suppose to be able to pull the stitching right off.

Well, despite their best efforts, I finished the bibs and some matching washcloths AND I made dinner.

If everything goes according to my plan, you'll be seeing more of these in the near future. If everything goes according to the boys' plan, you won't. I'll keep you posted.


Loralee said...

I've yet to manage to get anything I want to do done while Timothy is awake. And unfortunately, he just doesn't sleep. He is crying in his crib as I type this. How do you do it?

The bibs are adorable, by the way. I think I need a full body one, though (for Timothy, not me!)--a significant portion of the tomato soup from lunch ended up down the bib and on his lap. Hmph.

Robyn said...

a friend gave me this bib for Christmas that is essential a towel that covers the whole baby! It's huge! I keep forgetting to use it. It's one of those "let's save this for a really messy meal!" And then I keep forgetting that I have it stashed for that!

oh, Timothy. Andrew's soul mate. If only they were closer!

Goes On Runs said...

i love them. thank you for sharing your gifts with me.....we appreciate your talents.

Goes On Runs said...

and thanks for the cookies. they almost didn't make it all the way home. just kidding, but it was tempting.

Seeking La Loba said...

Very pretty.

Sounds exhausting...keeping track of those boys. :)

Eric says, "where do you get those full body bibs?" He wants one for when Tess starts eating. (He's reading over my shoulder as I type.)

Miss Vicki said...

Do you remember ever seeing me sew? At least when you were small.
Only during nap time=)Oh, the bibs are adorable!! Wish you were here today. Andrew and Isaac could play in the fresh snow!

Ms. Walker said...

love those, Robin. I would love to buy some, if you ever decided to sell them. (hint, hint!)

Robyn said...

oh Jennifer...you just might be in luck! ;)

Stacey and Jayson Lavers said...

Robyn, You are the most amazing mother!! Actually, you're the most amazing quilter too! P.S. I have a daughter...(hint,hint) :-) P.S. again...This is Stacey (Sutton) Lavers