Thursday, July 9, 2009

another moment of fine parenting

Last night Andrew was testing his boundaries. And finally, at dinner, he earned himself a time out. So I marched him to his room, sat him on his bed and set his little timer for a 4 minute time out.

After the timer beeped I went and sat on his bed with him for our post-time out talk. The sun was streaming through his window and I had to shade my eyes with one hand during the talk. I said to him, "Andrew, listen. When I ask you to do something, you need to do it." I used my Serious Mama Voice and I hoped that my tone and words would compensate for my unusual keep-the-sun-out-my-eyes posture.


As soon as Andrew heard that he needed to do what I asked of him, he looked at me wide eyed and serious and raised his little hand and shaded his eyes too.

Then we both melted in giggles.

And this has been another moment of fine parenting.

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Miss Vicki said...

Don't show me that bread! I could eat all of them at one sitting!
Andrew just wants to obey his mommy!