Monday, July 6, 2009


Andrew was a climber. When he was Isaac's age, he climbed all the live long day. I'd have to pluck him off of the coffee table, the dining room chairs, our bedside tables, and once, the dining room table. He craved climbing.

Now that Isaac is Isaac's age, I now realize that Andrew was not a climber. Isaac is a climber. Andrew got up on the dining room table once. Isaac climbs up there every 20 minutes. I leave the room for a minute and up he goes. Once I caught him sitting cross-legged in the middle of the table sampling play-dough. Today I caught him sitting on the table splashing in the milk from Andrew's cereal bowl.

Andrew of course finds all of this hilarious.
I find it maddening.
Isaac really doesn't see what the big deal is. When I catch him, he stares at me blankly as though saying, "how is this different than sitting on the floor?"

I feel like a lot of mothers claim that they don't have favorites among their children. Or they claim that all of their children are their favorites. This is definitely not been the case for me. I have favorites all of the time. And it changes according to who is driving me batty.

Let's just say that right about now Andrew is One Cool Kid.
but next week, who knows?


Mama V said...

I thought Jesse was a climber, too... Until I saw Isaac today climbing on everything! At one point he climbed onto the piano bench and started to make his way onto the piano keys, and I could see his eyes and brain working to plot his path onto the top of the upright! That kid would give me a heart attack!

(Now, he DOES have red hair. That should be a permanent 'check' on the Isaac side of the Favorite Kid list.)

Melissa said...

Love this post.

I can relate.

When I had just Atticus, I thought it was hard being a mom. When Enzo came along, it was confirmed to me that it is DEFINITELY hard to be a mom- on most days, anyway.