Wednesday, July 22, 2009

scrapbook pshycology

This page is about Andrew's birthday. His third birthday, which was over a year ago. I've had these photos printed and stored for months, but each time I went through my photos I would see these and think: No way. I am NOT touching those pictures.

Part of the reason why is that the colors were a little wonky in a lot of the shots. But the big reason why is that that day, Andrew's birthday party day 2008, was a really hard day. It was 300 million degrees. I had just had a baby six weeks before AND I had a six week old to care for. In typical Robyn fashion I wanted his party to be over-the-top and so I overdid it. I wanted to a) prove to myself that I still can pull off a great party even with a newborn and b) to prove to Andrew that his birthday would not be overshadowed by his baby brother.

Tall order, my friends. In fact, too tall!

I don't think I knew it was a hard day for me until several months later when I kept avoiding these photos. But I really wanted to do something with them, because even though it was a hard day for me, it was an AWESOME day for Andrew. And that deserved a little recognition. So, I bought some motivating and fun birthday supplies (look at that super cute bingo card!!) and sat down and got the job done.

Amazing what time and a little scrapbooking can do for a girl. Word?


Goes On Runs said...

how fun to see those pics. i can't imagine what you were going through and all i was concerned with were how many bags of cookies i could take home with me..... selfish me! but funny thing is that A was wearing that t-shirt today. funny how quick time moves along.

Robyn said...

I am so glad you just wanted more cookies!!! That's awesome!!

Mama V said...

Except for the heat, you didn't let on about any of this stuff, Robyn! The party was still a huge success!

(Would it have felt less overwhelming if it hadn't been 100 degrees outdoors and indoors, I wonder? 'Cause I think you pulled it off!)

That bingo card is indeed adorable! Nice touch.

TARA said...

Those alphabet cookies were awesome. Falling on my ass...not so awesome. :-)

Robyn said...

Tara!!! That was the best part of the day! ;)

That and this photo you took of Andrew blowing out the candles. You're pretty amazing, my friend!