Friday, August 21, 2009

a list for Friday

1. I miss my camera, but I am wondering if the little break from taking photos will be good for me.

2. The lens needs a repair and we are thinking of renting a lens for the weekend. I've been thinking of renting a lens for a while and this is good excuse.

3. I have been crafting it up this week. Quilting up a storm, baking up a storm and prepping for tomorrow's baby shower. But I can't help but ask myself, If I make a quilt and don't photograph it, did I really make the quilt?

4. Isaac has hit another cute stage and I find myself frequently in agony about just how cute he is. Something about the way he walks around, stops, leans forward as though he was going to make a big announcement and then says, "da. da. ba." while nodding his head firmly. LOVE it.

5. It's really hot here and I've been fairing pretty well. I've been keeping up with my early wake ups which has been helping. Yesterday though, I hit a wall and started wishing and praying that someone would ring my doorbell with a delivery of iced coffee. No one did, so I mustered up the will to go and get it myself. The cafe is not even a block away. Oh jeez.

6. I am posting a photo of a card I made a long time ago (Hey Susan! Look familiar?) because what's a post without a photo?

7. Have a rockin' weekend.

1 comment:

Mama V said...

Great list! (And not just because it made me laugh out loud.)

#3 asks such a blogger-ly question! "To be is to be perceived..." Just in time for a movie about blogging, like Julie and Julia! ;)