Thursday, August 27, 2009

notes from the early mornings

I have still been getting up at 5 in the morning. It's been over 2 weeks now and it has really changed things around here. Funny how one person making a change like that affects the whole family.

- My body now is ready to wake up at 5. It's not a battle at all. I hate when getting out of bed is a battle.
- The boys are getting up earlier. Sometimes that's tricky because I'll hear them before I'm ready, before the sewing machine and other tempting gadgets are packed up. But, the good part is that bedtime is easier. We had been having a really hard time getting Andrew settled at a decent hour this summer and tried all kinds of tricks. And, it turns out, getting up earlier is the most logical and effective trick of all. Who knew?
- On the mornings I sew, the boys tend to sleep later. But on the mornings I bake or cook, they get up earlier. Especially Isaac. Especially on mornings I'm cooking something savory. Must be the smell.
- I got up early one Sunday morning and the bar next door still had patrons that were just packing up to leave. At 5:30! I just can't imagine...
- We now go to the playground in the mornings because I don't need the mornings to do my stuff. It's already done. It's so much better going to the playground early than in the heat of the day.
- I need a 3:00 caffeine boost. I usually make some iced tea. But, some days I drag everyone to our local cafe for an iced coffee.
- Because I am up earlier, Dave gets up earlier. Which means Dave gets to work earlier, which often means he gets home earlier. I love when he gets home earlier.

Will it last? I don't know. I'll have to see. But it just might be worth it.


Susan said...

That's awesome, Robyn! I have found that the single best thing I can do for my sanity is get up before my family. Right now that is 6--one hour earlier than necessary. I may work up to five again--you are inspiring me.

Anonymous said...

You are totally inspiring me -- although I know that first couple of days would be the hardest. I have crafty projects up the wazoo that I never get to do because I'm always working or dealing with kids. I could have "me" time. Maybe I will think about make it sound so nice.

Have a fun weekend up in RI!!


firefly said...

I saw the first photo and thought, "Whoa!! I can't believe Andrew made that HUGE snow man!!"--imagining it standing as tall as I am.

Then I saw the second photo. Thanks for including Andrew for scale. ;)

firefly said...

I meant the second and third photos--if that isn't obvious already.

firefly said...

And also, I am glad the early rising is working out so well.

I, on the other hand, have inexplicably been staying up past midnight. I think we have possibly swapped bodies.

Mama V said...

This is great.

The part about the boys' wake-ups being dependent on what you're cooking is so adorable... and very probable. The other day I was cooking with bacon (! - real, bonafide, nitrate/preservative-free bacon!). Jesse, who spends the day being his big brother's shadow, decided to drag his toys into the kitchen and camp out with me for a long period of time. I was absolutely convinced it was the bacon! ;)