Tuesday, September 29, 2009

this kid

and I are as thick as thieves lately. He's just so stinkin' munchable...so mischievously cheeky...so comfortable in his own skin that I can't take it. He melts me almost hourly. Even when he's trying to turn on the burners, crawl into the broiler, throw rolls of toilet paper into a water filled sink, plug in the houseplants, and sabotage a quiet family dinner. He's as busy as they come. And I'm over the moon for him.

This photo was taken early in the summer and it's one of my absolute favorites of him. My heart gets all drippy whenever I see it.

And this photo, although terrible (see that giant orange electrical cord? the pile of gross kitchen laundry? the wall that needs painting??? I mean, yuck!) showcases the little red curls that form over his ears. Oh. My. Lord. He is a cutie.


Loralee said...

So cute!

Mama V said...

He IS so stinkin' cute! In fact, he's the cutest member of the Red Head Club.

JIW said...

very cute. and I like photos with all that "stuff" in the background. It means you have a full, active life with better things to do than make sure you never have chores waiting.

Anonymous said...

Wow--he's looking an awful lot like Andrew in that second picture.