Saturday, December 5, 2009

Everyone's a winner!

I have two winnings to announce! But I first want to show you pictures from this morning.

This morning we went to Grand Central Station to see their holiday train exhibit and their light show. The boys loved the train exhibit (of course!) and Dave and I followed them around and around the display as they chased trains and tried to just see everything.

Afterwards we went to the main lobby to wait for the light show. Andrew loves clocks right now and insisted I take his picture in front of the clock in the center of the lobby. And who am I to turn down a photo op?

And then we waited and waited.

And the show began.

The ceiling of Grand Central is painted with a mural of constellations. The light show played off of that idea with lots of little flashing stars and additional constellations. Like the Statue of Liberty (which you can sort of see in this picture) and trains and people skiing. It was cute. And Andrew and Isaac loved it.

And on the way home, Dave let two tired and cranky boys watch little videos on his phone. Which made everyone happy.

Ok! And for the winners!

The winner of the ebook from yesterday's give-away is firefly! Congratulations, Marti! I'll email you the details of getting that ebook!

And! Great news! Everyone is a winner today! ;) I love saying that.
Ella publishing is also offering 25% off the price of the book for all Made In Brooklyn readers! Just enter the code CRAFTY09. This is good through December 13th. Go check it out!

Happy Weekending to you all!


Mama V said...

Yay for Christmas in the city!

Oh man, your pictures are making it clear how much of a difference a good camera can make. No matter how hard I tried, all of our pictures of the holiday train display turned out dark and weird.

Looks like a great day! Love the shot of the boys in the subway. My boys completely ignored the light show this year. I think they were distracted by sushi and by doing bellyflops in the middle of everyone's path! Eek!

Ruth said...

I love Grand Central Station! Looks as though your boys had a fab time!

Mama V said...

Or I should say, a good camera - and knowing how to use it! That was my way of saying that your pictures were great!

Still love Andrew's tongue on the subway shot. ;)

Rachel said...

Your photographs are so beautiful.

aquadcd said...

This was an excellent post. Loved the little taste of New York. - DCD

Robyn said...

WHAT?!?! CHUCK commented?!?! THANKS!!!


kate o. said...

love these pictures. my boys would have gone crazy there with all the trains. so great.

sharyncarlson said...

What a magical day! And thanks for the discount :)