Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beach Collage

As you may know, my family goes to the beach twice every summer for a week each time. We meet family there and commence with our yearly (or rather bi-yearly) traditions. We play in the sand and the water, we eat out, we walk on the boardwalk and we visit amusement parks. This yearly tradition is something we look forward to and have lovely memories (as well as some tough memories!) from.

And, as you might imagine, at the end of beach week I have hundreds of photos. Some of those photos tell stories in their own right (like this one), but most of the photos just give a great overview of the week. They show what the kids were into this time around and what they looked like and how their relationships are evolving. And they show the same things about the adults for that matter.

Because of this, I've been pulling out the photos that tell their own stories and sort through the rest for a beach overview spread. I have a scrapbook that is just for beach week layouts so we can flip through and see the changes and the traditions and the stories at a glance. It's a system that works great!

Oh! And in other's snowing! School was canceled, sleds were put to good use and two small snowmen were constructed. I LOVE snow days.


Goes On Runs said...

perfect to be working on beach day during snow storm. love it.

Ruth said...

That patterned paper is fab! It looks great used like that, woven in between all your photos. Great idea to have an album just for beach weeks.

Mama V said...

Do those cute swirly buttons come with the paper?

I want a Beach Week right now!