Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Observed: edited

All week Andrew has been working on his Valentines. He must have cut out 30 hearts which we've mailed to friends and relatives and assembled the rest for his class. One night while we were folding and cutting papers the Fresh Direct guy came with our groceries. Andrew rushed to the door to tell him that we were making Valentines and that Valentine's Day is coming and that we are getting ready for Valentine's Day! So, when I say that I'm not sure who is more excited about Valentine's Day, I'm serious. Andrew and I are in a dead heat.

Today I dressed him in red, put his cookies and Valentines and flowers for his teachers in a bag and we headed off to school giddy with excitement. I am so excited for him to give out his treats and get cards from his classmates and come home with stories to tell and treasures to share.

This is his first school-y Valentine's and I think that is why I am particularly excited. I am curious to see if there is an added dose of connections with friends and social interactions today. I have my hopes that maybe today he will learn some of the names of the kids in his class and come home with stories about them. It seems like a good day for it to me.

And if it doesn't happen, that's a-ok. It will come in time. But a mama can hope, right? ;)

These are the Valentines I sent out this year. Not nearly as cute as Andrew's, I must say. But, a more grown up edition. Check back on Sunday to see Andrew's and Isaac's Valentines! You won't want to miss it!

Hooray!!! Best Valentine's Day ever!


Mama V said...

Happy Valentine's Day! And Happy Lincoln's Birthday and Presidents' Day and Lunar New Year and Winter Break to you! Geez, did they have to pack it all in like that?!

Such lovely cards! I really like the idea of sewing on paper. Very funky.

It never occurred to me that Lucas would be exchanging Valentine's until he was "school age," even though he's in pre-school. D'oh! Someday I'll finally accept that my kid is growing up!

I can just picture Andrew's giddiness this morning. He's really good at doing giddy. I hope he gets a TON of Valentine's at preschool today!!!

firefly said...

Oh, I love Andrew! Tell him to please, please be my Valentine. ;)

Seeking La Loba said...

I have all of your valentines hanging above my desk. Happy Valentines to you!

So happy Andrew had a grand day.

Miss Vicki said...

Wow! First, how did you know that the class was doing Valentine's Day? Where did the little bag come from? There's enough candy in there to compete w/ Halloween. How did your cookies go over? I love Andrew interacting w/ the Fresh Direct guy! Sooo glad it was such a success!! It isn't even here yet.

Robyn said...

Mom, the teacher sent a note home asking each parent to send in something for the party. She had asked us to bring in munchkins, but I requested a change to cookies! Her note also said that the kids would have bags (that they made in school) for Valentines if we wanted to send in cards. oh did I!

firefly said...

What is a munchkin?

Robyn said...

it's what dunkin donuts calls donut holes.