Friday, March 12, 2010

birthdays and their photos

I LOVE planning birthday parties. I am already throwing ideas around for Isaac's (in May) and Andrew's (in June) celebrations. I also love preparing for the party, though not as much as planning for one. And I really like the party itself. But, I usually don't like the photos from the party.

I'm usually too busy to remember to get any good photos. And we had both parties indoor last year, which just doesn't make for good shots. I often ask Dave to get to a few pictures, but he insists on using the flash (gasp!) and often goes for the goofy shots. Anyway, after all that planning and prepping, I usually sit down at the computer after the party and wish we had gotten some better photos. Silly right? I mean, shouldn't it be all about the event and the memories? not the photos?

So, I usually put off putting together scrapbook pages of birthday parties. I do want birthday parties represented in the scrapbooks, but I usually don't feel motivated to do it.

Anyway, yesterday I was struck with a good idea (that I saw someone else do) and everything came right together. I LOVE that!

Birthday party, remembered. ;)


Wendy said...

Oh Robyn! I LOVE this page!

I also don't really like scrapbooking birthday photos because they're rarely any good. Birthday pages are pretty much the only kinds of scrapbook pages I feel obligated to do, too (I'm typically more of a "follow your bliss" kind of scrapbooker) so I always end up with these pages I don't really very much. This one is simple and clean and adorable though. I can see myself creating a whole album of these types of layouts. Thanks!

MandiCrocker said...

Dave go for the goofy shot? ;)

I'm sooo the same way. I love preparing, not planning... and the party is touch or go depending on whether or not, I've slept. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is after everyone has left with a warm glow & stuffed to the gills (cause that means I did my job!) & I'm with a few last friends & a bottle of wine. And the rest of the pie, lol... Or even the next day... basking in the glory of the memories in my jammies... ;)

Beautiful page, Robynski! And I'm totally on for the bake-off although I have no idea what that entails!! Sounds fun, though! :)

Mama V said...

Ain't that the truth! If I'm not taking the photos, they either don't get taken, or they come out a bit shoddy (I still love my husband).

I know nothing about scrap booking culture to get a real sense of what idea inspired you to put this page together... but I do know that it looks great!

BTW, David looked over my shoulder and said, "Whoa - why did they shave Isaac's head like that?!" He thought it was a recent shot.

Cat said...

I'm happy you're thinking about parties. I always like to get inspired by Andrew's b-day for jake's in september (not that I steel any ideas but it does get me "started") I have the same weather dilema... not fun.
Julia's birthday is coming up soon... I think I'll comission someone to take pictures!

Rhona said...

I LOVE this layout too! I love the simple design and the clear title, just love the whole thing. Might have to scraplift it.

Julie said...

Robyn...I love this layout. What is the word "one" made of? It is embossed in the paper or is it clear letters? I love it.

Robyn said...

Julie, they are clear plastic letters. I got them here.

firefly said...

Okay, I'm ready for the next one!