Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Come So Far: motherhood

Yesterday I added another page to my Come So Far book. I know motherhood has changed me a lot...but I found it hard to say how. I know it flipped my identity upside down and inside out and it took me months to figure out who the heck I was and what my life was about (not sure I'm done with that work yet, actually), but it was hard to pin down exactly what I meant.

I baked a lot before I had kids. I bake a lot now.
I made quilts before I had kids. I make quilts now (well, when my sewing machine and I are getting along).
I drank tea then. Oh boy do I drink tea now.
I didn't take pictures.
I certainly didn't scrapbook.
I slept in more then. I watch more TV now.
I used to eat at restaurants. But I cook better (and faster) now.
I used to think I didn't need to buy a new roll of toilet paper until we were completely out of toilet paper. Now I have 3 back ups.
I think I am generally more responsible. And I feel more grown up...especially in the last 6 months. And I'm not sure I always like that feeling.

But that's not what I ended up writing in my scrapbook. I ended up writing "I changed a lot, we changed a lot, everything changed." Maybe I should go back and add some specifics. ;)


Ruth said...

I can identify with how difficult it is to describe your feelings towards motherhood. "Hard" is the word that springs to mind, along with "terrifying"! I'll bet, pound to a penny, that you are doing a terrific job.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

It's hard to put it into words sometimes. And after awhile it's hard to remember what you used to be like, apart from generally well rested. :)

Ladkyis said...

This is because you are an adult. This is much better than being a grown-up. Adults have more fun that children because they can stay up late and they get to be bossy to their own children. Grown-ups just get bossy all the time and they have no fun. Adults get more choice of movies and books and they even get their own shelf in the bookstores (if you like that sort of book) Grown-ups just say "act your age" and then they sniff and turn their noses up at the adult books instead of just choosing not to look. Oh yes, being an adult is so much more fun than being a child or a grown-up