Monday, April 26, 2010

Photography Week: part 3


erin said...

This project is so wonderful. I'm inspired. I think I'd like to do this project to document how much I love this brief time I get to be home with the baby.

I am especially loving the photo collage pages. Boy, you fit a lot into a day! Your family is so sweet.

Robyn said...

Thanks Erin! You should do it!

Kirsten said...

I feel so lucky to have made it into your week. :) what an awesome project this became. I love it.

Mama V said...

I know you know it, and we've all said it, but this is going to be such a great gift to yourself and to your boys someday down the line. I really enjoyed this week of blog posts and look forward to you doing it again someday!

I too have felt inspired by your project to do something similar, but not with photos or blogging. Perhaps just some journaling for a week of the daily ins and outs. There are so many things I want my boys to remember, not just for posterity but also because I feel so proud of the daily choices we make as a family. Thanks for setting an example!

I love seeing pictures of Dave sitting on the couch, by the way. I guess I just rarely see him on a couch. Or even just sitting. He seems like he's so busy with work or sitting in front of a computer even at home. But couch pictures (even if he's playing around with his trinkets) tell me: relax, unwind, be comfortable in your own home. They're very sweet.

Ruth said...

This is absolutely terrific! I love what you've done with it.

Dee said...

Robyn I have loved reading your posts on this project. For you next post would you tell us mre aboout the process please? It seems like such a huge undertaking. How did you manage to get such great shots? How did you manage to get anything done in between taking heaps of photos? did you use a tripod and timer to get shots with you in them? i know hubby took the one of you walkign to school, what about th rest. Did the kids get sick of having their photo ftaken so much?
you have done an amazing job of creating this treasure. I am in awe.

Robyn said...

Thanks Dee!

"How did you manage to get such great shots?" aww, shucks. um...practice? I've been working on photography for years and took a class through Big Picture Scrapbooking last Spring. That helped a lot.

"How did you manage to get anything done in between taking heaps of photos?" Well...there were definitely things that I usually do in a week, that I just didn't get to last week. I read less, was online less, didn't do my regular crafting shenanignas.

"did you use a tripod and timer to get shots with you in them?" Yup. that's exactly what I did. Sometimes I just set the camera on a table or the kitchen counter...but my husband has a tripod from his photography days that I used a lot.

"Did the kids get sick of having their photo taken so much?" Not really. Andrew every now and then will put his hands up and yell "no photos!" like I'm the paparazzi, but generally they were fine with the whole thing...and sort of used to me taking their pictures all of the time. When I set up the tripod though, it was hard to get "authentic" shots because they were so fascinated with the set up. ;) My husband though, by Sunday, was complaining that he felt like he was living in a reality TV show! And I got the least shots of him! Go figure.