Tuesday, April 13, 2010

something else

Knowing that I am going to be working on a week long scrapbook journal all next week encouraged me to make the next logical step: start a different mini-scrapbook today. Makes sense, right?

I have been really enjoying making scrapbook pages lately. While my sewing machine collects dust in the closet (I may never sew again...not sure.), I can't seem to get enough of photos and papers and foamy alphabet stickers. It seems I have stories to tell and a paper-based creative itch to scratch. But, I am getting tired of 12x12 canvases and wanted to switch things up a little. (Plus I keep seeing the adorable projects that Sharyn is doing and have developed a creative envy of sorts.) My sister sent me this small album a few years(!) ago and I didn't know what to do with it, (odd perhaps, since I asked her to send it to me) but today I wrestled out an idea.

I decided to make a scrapbook that highlights defining moments in my life that have really impacted me. Dave's and my 10 year anniversary is coming up next month which has made me reflective of who I was 10 years ago, how I've changed and why I've changed. Those reflections encouraged me to narrow the scope that I'll cover in this book to the last 10 years. So although my childhood was pretty formative (as childhood tends to be...), it will just have to wait for another scrapbook down the road.

and there you have it.


Cat said...


Robyn said...


stink. I wish letter stickers had spell check. ;)

Thanks, Cat.

Cat said...

It is a great idea. I just turned 40 on the week end and I should do something like that...
Thanks for the inspiration!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

That is really cute!

cheryl said...

I agree with Cat I think it's a great idea . I turned 40 this weekend ,too
I guess great minds do think alike