Thursday, April 8, 2010

teeth and a confession

A few weeks ago Andrew learned about teeth in school. He tells me that if you eat lots of sugar and if you don't brush your teeth, your teeth will turn yellow and fall out! He says this as he points a finger at me and uses a very serious voice.

Then later he tells me that when your teeth fall out, you put your teeth under the pillow and the tooth fairy comes and gives you money!

And gradually these two ideas came together to form one blissfully confused idea. You eat sugar, your teeth fall out, the tooth fairy comes, you get money. I had never really seen it this way before.

And that, my friends, is why we eat so much sugar. The payoff is huge.

And a confession:
Last night I wondered what I blog about today. Often I know a day or so in advance what I will probably put up, but last night I realized I didn't have anything for today. So I decided to make a cake so I could post today. I could eat cake. The things I do for my readers... ;)

Today's cake: Lemon Angelfood with fresh strawberries. I was planning on making a mango sauce to go with it...but Isaac ate my mango.


Mama V said...


firefly said...

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To Robyn:

I love this post. It cracks me up to think of eating sugar to bring on the tooth fairy. Maybe just try leaving the tooth fairy a piece of your angel food cake--for sure she'd make the trip to Brooklyn to leave money for that payoff, lost teeth or no. It's a much quicker business plan ;)

Mama V said...

Sorry, Firefly. I was *trying* to say that she's in trouble (uh-oh!) with this new Andrew logic.

Although I think we're both in trouble. Lucas came to that same conclusion in the Fall when a girl in his class lost a bottom tooth. I swear, didn't all those teeth just finish coming in and now they're about to start losing them?!

Mama V said...

BTW, lemon angel food cake sounds DEE-VINE (pun intended!).

Liv said...

Haha, I love your son's logic! never though of it that way before. Cake looks yummy too.

Ladkyis said...

and making the cake (with lots of sugar) will make your teeth drop out if you eat it too.
I think I would have to find a way of telling him that the tooth fairy only takes good teeth that are past their 'sell by' date and are falling out to make room for new teeth to grow. She doesn't want teeth with holes in that would be awful and horrid and yeucky!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

my child said something similar when his first tooth was loose. He wanted lots of chocolate ice cream so it would rot & fall out faster