Monday, April 5, 2010


Today I made this while Isaac didn't nap and Andrew wasn't feeling like observing quiet time. And, ironically, I set them up with a Charlie Brown DVD so I could finish. Somedays I swear I have to fight hard for time for me. I wish I didn't have to fight for it. It makes me feel bad about taking it.

Anyway, for this layout I wanted to play with a 1950's feel. I searched online for a 1950's font and downloaded one called Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly. I love it! So stinkin' cute! I only used it for the title and the little sparkles I glued here and there. For the journaling I just used Marker Felt. I love learning about fonts!

Here's what I wrote:
I have a love/hate relationship with TV. I love when you two watch TV at the end of a hard day’s play, when you are sweaty and tired and ready for some rest, when I need to make dinner and would like to cook all by myself, when you both lay quietly on the couch soaking in the easy entertainment. My ideal is that you watch TV for an hour a day, from 5-6. Often we actually have those ideal days and the TV really doesn’t go on until 5. On those days I just LOVE TV.

Sometimes the TV doesn’t come on at all. Then I feel absolutely victorious.

But, sometimes it comes on earlier. When I want to talk on the phone, it’s the easy button for keeping things quiet. When kids are feeling sick and clingy and I need some space, I turn on our old friend to get a little relief. And sometimes it comes on and I don’t really know why. And I try to think up strategies for getting it off and getting you engaged in something else.

I’m not really sure why I don’t want you watching too much TV. I guess I think it’s a waste of time. You could be drawing or building or puzzling or playing trains. You could be an active participant in your environment and wrestle out valuable educational gems from your toys. You definitely learn things from the TV you watch, but it doesn’t feel as authentic to me as the things you learn by tinkering.

You both however, have a love/love/love relationship with TV. Andrew, you love to watch Super Readers, Plastic Man (a DVD series Uncle Chuck sent you), and CyberChase. Isaac, your favorite show is easily Little Einsteins, and often you get so mad when I put something else on for you and Andrew to watch. In fact, Isaac, you love TV much more than Andrew ever did. You know how to turn it on, look through the channels for something you like and have thrown loud and messy tantrums when I turn off the power switch.

The TV just seems like such a powerful component in our daily lives. A lovely, helpful tool. An engaging, educational form of entertainment. A time wasting machine. And I find managing our use of it tricky and heavy, though sometimes skillful. But I’m not getting rid of it. No way.


Erin Leigh said...

Hi Robyn, I've lurked here awhile, but never commented before. We have people in common: Tara Z and Stacey L. (which is how I found you). Stace and I shared an apt. for 3 years before she got married - she's my dearest friend. Anyway, I totally relate to this post!! I try so hard to limit tv, but my son Jesse, 15 mo., adores it and throws fits when I refuse to put it on. He used to only see about an hour a day until recently. I just had a baby in Feb., and now, unfortunately, the tv is my beloved helper when they are both being needy! It truly is a love-hate relationship!

Liv said...

I love your LO. I can also totally relate, although I have to (guiltily) admit to being nowhere near as disciplined as you with only having it on for an hour a day. It's something I plan to work on....

Jessa said...

Man - I have such the same struggle with the tube. Thanks for sharing this. Honestly - can you keep my secret? I don't think it's so bad.