Friday, May 14, 2010

ten years

the beginning


Today marks 10 years. Dave and I stood in a fog covered park with our "cloud of witnesses" and were married.

It's one of the decisions I congratulate myself on regularly.

Ten years ago we were happy and scared and invincible and vulnerable. We had no idea what was ahead of us, and really, how could we have known? Our marriage has been shaped by joy and laughter and loss and death and birth and education and good food and bad food and arguments and shared jokes and these crazy children that have come our way.

Looking back, I can barely recognize those two kids dressed up in wedding clothes (Dave was 21, I was 22). We've come so far and learned so much and I would not go back for anything. I like myself so much more now. I like Dave so much more now. And our marriage, even with its peaks and valleys, has gotten better and better with time.

Happy Anniversary Dave. Thanks for taking a chance on me.


Goodyreid said...

Aw! Look at you guys! Congrats!

Eric said...

So What are you doing to celebrate?

Quecksilber said...

Amazingly beautiful! The 2nd picture looks sweeter,and even younger. Are you the photographer?
Congratulations!I like such story!

Robyn said...

"Are you the photographer?"

no...the second two were taken by Tabitha Sherrell:

and the first was taken by our wedding photographer whose name I've forgotten!

MandiCrocker said...

Awww... that made me teary. :) I know what you mean by looking back at that time in your life & not wanting to go back because of all you learned... but I hope you know what a blessing you were to me-- both then & now!

Congrats & much love to the Rices!!!

firefly said...

That made me teary, too.

You guys are an outstanding couple.

I think I have rarely ever been so charmed as I was by Dave the first day I met him, when I came out to visit you. He played his accordion in the parking lot... And then he jumped, with his ankles tightly together the whole time, from one train platform down to the first rail, then the second rail, then up to the next platform. He felt like a circus showman to me.

Oh man, what a swell guy.

Erin Leigh said...


Mama V said...

Happy Anniversary, you two love birds!

Melissa said...

Robyn! You take the pictures so much, but seriously! You are so adorable and beautiful in these pictures. You should find another photographer more often.

Congratulations to you two. I love you as a couple.

Cat said...

Congrats! What a lovely lady you have becomed.
Great pictures.

Being the Mum said...

Sigh... congratulations to you both. And very very well done and making one decade - such a rarity these days. Lovely pics too :)