Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Come So Far: preschool

One of the biggest things that I look back on and see clear evidence of personal growth is the process we went through last fall in learning more about Andrew. I feel like I aged 5 years in those 5 months. I still can't believe how hard it was...and how hard it still sometimes is. It makes me think of all of the parents of Special Needs students that I met with as a teacher years ago and how strong they were. And how one day I'm sure I'll be that strong...but I still have a ways to go. ;)

Here's the pages I've made so far for this album:


Deb said...

You know, Robyn, I just love your style. LOVE the way you layer photos and papers and journaling. The concept for this minibook is priceless, and as someone who has followed your blog {been your blog friend, if you will} for a while now, I almost feel like you are documenting something that has become special to me...if that makes sense. ? I've loved hearing about Andrew's challenges and successes and your honest and open accounts of the progress he has made, as well as the progress YOU have made.

Keep on keepin' on, Robyn. You are doing a great job! xo

Robyn said...

Deb!! So sweet! Thank you.

Sally said...

This is a very cool mini book. I like your profile blurb- can relate about needing to be creative in the everyday. Hope your son gets better soon. We have just recovered from 2 weeks of a bug. Not fun- house bound and doing the bare essentials for survival. The best thing is that when you get to the other side life is noticeaby easier!