Monday, July 19, 2010

the year of the care bear

I am convinced that this one costume is what formed my current notions of what Halloween is suppose to be about. Halloween is suppose to be about incredible costumes that your mother makes you. It's about winning awards at the Halloween parades. It's this kind of over-the-top costume creation that I think about when I am planning my own boys' Halloweens.

My mom didn't make these kinds of costumes every year. I think I wore this Care Bear costume for at least two Halloweens and it was easily her finest work (in the costume department that is). But, my memory only reminds me of this one costume, that it was a big deal and that it's my turn to duplicate the effort.

I haven't yet reached Care Bear quality costumes. But I'll keep trying! Geez, my mom set the bar high. ;)

weather update: still hot, still muggy. I've called off the battle and am just getting by. I sometimes wonder if summer is usually this bad, or if this summer is a particular doozie. Though, I've noticed that Dave, who never wears shorts, has already worn shorts 3 times this year. Which is our family's way of gauging that this must be a hot one!


Cheryl said...

Please make sure the boys are onboard with your costume ideas before you do all the work! We never lucked out in that department. The kids always wanted the cheap store costumes and almost always refused to wear the beautiful handmade creations...even when the costumes represented their current favorite characters!

Mama V said...

Robyn, if our local Ragamuffin parade held a contest for best homemade costume each year, you'd win it hands down! (And that's A LOT of costumes, right?!)

Danielle said...

girl, it's hot. even here. I haven't owned a pair of shorts in years, and I went out and bought three pairs. My father was shocked; all these years, he thought there was something ghastly wrong with my legs. So, yes, it's HOT.

Rachel said...

That costume is amazing. My mum also came up with some brilliant costumes for us when we children. Here is the UK it is raining and has been for the last seven hours, not sure what I would prefer least, non-stop rain or the heat and humidity. Bring on the autumn.

Robyn said...

Danielle, so glad to hear you are hot too. Maybe that sounds mean, but the more I hear "I'm hot too!" the less crazy I feel. It's all about camaraderie at this point.

Rachel, seven hours of non-stop rain sounds heavenly right now. Though, for your sake, I hope the rain stops and the sun comes out!