Tuesday, August 24, 2010


During the summers, my church moves the service to the air conditioned basement. We abandon the organ and the stained glass windows and red carpeting for folding chairs, an upright piano and nice cool air. Everything has a more relaxed feel and I'm often reminded of church services of my youth at summer camp.

Also during the summer, the teenage girls that watch my rowdy kids take a breather and Dave and I are left to our own devices. We sit at the back, near a table of crayons and paper, and spend the time corralling our boys while eavesdropping on the service. Every now and then Isaac escapes us and charges the front where the pastor stands and there is collective chuckle from the congregation.

One Sunday, during communion, Isaac is particularly restless and is running about with me trailing behind. And I realized that during this 'family meal' at church that everyone is getting a good look at what our family meals are like at home: busy! Anyway, I left church wanting to document what our dinners are like right now. Nothing like church to inspire scrapbooking. ;)

I used a photo that I took over a year ago that has been waiting for such an opportunity. This page took a long time to come together. The simple pages are always the hardest. But I love how it turned out. It looks 1950's dining room to me. Perfect!

Here's what it says: Having dinner together is a wild ride. There are nights that we swap stories and take turns talking and listening. There are other nights that are more about managing who is eating what and who gets cookies after they finish their green beans and do you really have to go to the bathroom again? and quick! grab a rag for the milk that spilled! You just never know what is going to happen. But I love that we all show up, as we are, to sit together each night. Dinner is when it feels we are most together.


cheryl@scrapaddict4sure said...

that layout is gorgeous! I think it's so important to capture everday moments .There is so much of life that we miss by only scrapbooking events. Anyway great layout

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

lovely layout! You are right, it does have a 50s feel to the photo

Amy said...

I find it so strange on the off chance we get to go out without the kids .... no gobbling is required, nor any bargaining and we are usually happy to eat everything on our plate! I need to do a page like this one - mealtimes are such a big part of our day as a family.

Plume said...

Ha, when I first saw the pic I thought "This looks so retro", and then you mentioned the 50's diner feel. Very nice moment you captured there.

I have to say, while growing up, even though we were very close, we never ate as a family at the dinner table. Everyone ate at whichever time and place they pleased, usually the bedroom or living room. But after joining my husband and his family, who eat together every single night, something that seemed so alien to me now has become one of the most cherished and valued aspects of family life; something I look forward to daily.

Mama V said...

Awesome. Definitely very 50's looking, especially Andrew! That kid has a timeless face!

So glad you're back! (And I'm glad to be back, too! We should make sure not to plan back-to-back vacations anymore!) ;)