Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the walk

Sometimes on our walk to school Andrew runs along beside the stroller. He pretends he's a car and wraps the loose ends of his backpack straps around his waist calling it his seatbelt. Every now and then he needs refueling and I pretend to be the gas station and hold an imaginary pump to his tummy where he tells me the gas needs to go.

Sometimes though, he is an airplane. He twists his arms around frantically. They are his propellers. To help the airplane fly I have two important jobs. First I wind the imaginary crank on his tummy as he buzzes his lips and revs his engines. Then he passes me an imaginary remote control. I push the buttons, making button pushing kind of noises, as he runs down the block, arms waving wildly.

I am often worried that the little car, or airplane, will crash into the people we share the sidewalk with. I yell things like "Andrew, be careful! Look up! Pay attention!" but he has yet to collide with anyone and no one else seems worried about a collision. They pass by smiling, or not making eye contact, or with eyebrows raised. But they don't slow down or step to the side. I wonder how they know not to worry about him crashing into them when I spend most of the time on our walk doing just that.

It's about a mile from our front door to the school's, and Andrew is often pooped upon arrival. But he sees his teacher, gives her a hug and walks into the building with her. And I turn around and head home. A walk, that in comparison, is downright boring.

My sewing project is coming right along. I have about 45 of these little hexagons ready to go. Sooo glad that this is coming right together. I just knew my sewing machine and I could get past that rough spot.


Kirsten said...

So cute. Both Andrew and the hexagons. They look like little oyster crackers to me and I want to eat them up. But they are also so colorful, I'm sure they'll look wonderful on your finished product.

Mama V said...

Those hexagons are indeed so stinkin' cute! I too wanna scoop them up and hold them all in my hands to let them fall, or flip them through my fingers, or run my finger around their edges... (Um, I think I should now excuse myself...)

Some of these fabrics look familiar, so I'm guessing that you're using old scraps? I always enjoy seeing how far you make your fabrics go and how you make them all work together, even the seemingly mismatched ones.

Rhona said...

I love that story about Andrew and can just picture you on your walk to school :) It won't be too long before Isaac will be keeping you entertained on your walk home too!
Looking forward to seeing more of your sewing project :)

Amy said...

My four year old does the same thing on her walk to pre-school, except she runs at crazy speeds and we have to have the safety talk of stopping at each drive way so cars can see her. She shrieks and giggles the whole way, flicks her pony tail and thinks the world is a fine place!