Sunday, August 1, 2010

the weekend

Friday after school we went to a pier near us to run around and make sidewalk chalk art. Andrew still seems to be in his maze period, which has cooled considerably, but not enough to deter him from leaving lots of mazes for the people of Sunset Park.

And Isaac gets to be out of his stroller as long as he is not trying his darndest to run away and join the circus. When he starts revving up and taking off, and I end up doing more chasing than anything else, I strap him down and take a break. Unfortunately that means lots of time in the stroller for Isaac...for now. I'm hoping one day it will occur to him that our family is the bee's knees and he will stop trying to run off. Someday...

On Saturday we went to Central Park. It was a beautiful day and we hadn't been in the city for a while, so we took advantage of the drop in humidity and went deeper in the city, rather than our usual, further out.

And a large part of our parenting right now is putting Isaac's shoes back on. Those feet could use a full army of parents to protect them.

Today Dave took Andrew to see a 3D movie and the glasses seriously crack me up. Oh my sweet boy, he can nerd it up with the best of them.

Then cupcakes and lemonade before dinner. ;)

And that was that.


Firefly said...

Cutie pies. I wish I could have met you at the park!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love the 3d glasses!

Plume said...

Where in Sunset Park is that pier? Anywhere near 60th? I take my kiddo to 60th street for ST, I could take him to the pier afterwards one day. He'd love it.