Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seeing Squares: the Great Cookie Project of 2010

Here's the story so far:

Tuesday: Tuesday morning I tripled a batch of my favorite sugar cookie dough. The recipe says that it makes 7 dozen 2.5 inch cookies. I thought tripling it would be more than enough for my 3 inch squares.

Wednesday: I found out I was WAYYYY off. The triple batch from the day before only made about 60 cookies...less than 1/2 of my 180 target. Not only that, but even though I had extra ingredients on hand (just in case), it wasn't nearly enough. I had to get to the store, but my stroller is still busted with new parts taking their sweet time to arrive. So, I put Isaac in a baby carrier on my back, drag Andrew out in the 95 degree heat and head to the store to get lots of butter, sugar, flour, eggs. We get home and I make five more batches of dough. This time it's more than enough. phew! First hiccup, out of the way.

Today: I baked 180 cookies. My apartment is hot! But I am SOOOO in the groove. This afternoon I will make several batches of icing for tomorrow. I think tomorrow will be the hardest day. Icing 180 cookies! Hopefully my hands won't cramp up on me and I make enough icing ahead of time and things go smoothly and marvelously. Is that too much to ask?!? ;)

Gosh I love big projects.

I love all of it. The hiccups, the scale, calling friends to give them updates and hearing their impressed oooohhs!!! and ahhhhs! over the phone. Or my mother's line: "I'm all stressed out just thinking about it!" And I keep picturing myself at the reception on Sunday sipping a glass of wine and people approaching me with "YOU made the FAVORS?!?!" And me laughing lightly and saying, "oh that? That was nothing."

Man, I'm a weirdo!

But I am so, so, so glad that my friend is taking a chance on me like this. I love friends that let me go a little looney now and then. Takes a special kind of person, I tell you... (Thanks, Emm!)

See you tomorrow with another installment of Seeing Squares: the Great Cookies Project of 2010.


Melissa said...

That is FANTASTIC! I can completely see YOU: pulling cookies from the oven as you wipe the sweat from your brow. And then YOU: cool and lovely as you graciously accept compliment after compliment! Keep 'em comin'!

debs14 said...

I have the same vision as Melissa but also one of engaged couples coming up to you at the reception asking 'Do you take orders?'
Cannot imagine how you are doing all this in the heat with two boys to look after as well! Truly Superwoman ...

Kirsten said...

I cannot fathom baking right now. I feel like I'm in an oven and it's just the feeling of our living room.

It's good that you get energized by the projects! It's impressive indeed.

Mama V said...

Amazing! We're all rooting for you. Go, Robyn!

Ladkyis said...

I bet you are glad you have a new oven to cook them in.

Julie said...

Yum!!! Great job!

Deb said...

This is awesome...I am in awe, Robyn. Have fun frosting these babies - take breaks and stretch your hands often! xo

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Excellent work! I look forward to seeing the finished job.

And I expect you may find yourself with a new business once word spreads at the reception

Amy said...

Good luck, good luck! I'm with your Mum .... I'll have a glass of wine for you to relieve the stress ;-)

erin said...

This reminds me of the awesome chocolate sea shells you made for my wedding favors. You could totally go into business.

I'm amazed at you carrying a two year old on your back and groceries in that heat!

Can't wait to see the cute packaging too!

Jennifer I. said...

oh man, Robyn! What a lucky, lucky bride to have such a great friend!
If I ever get married, I'd love to hire you to make my favors!