Tuesday, September 28, 2010

settling in

I think we have finally settled in our new routine at the Rice home. And that feels good. When I wake up each day I know more or less what to expect, I know when I will get to the things I need to do and the fluttering in my stomach has mostly stopped.

Dave is still bringing Andrew to school on the train each morning and Isaac and I are still picking him up in the afternoons. Which means: still no bus yet. And honestly, I'm in no hurry. I sort of like checking in with his teacher each day, even if it's just a quick smile while children rustle about everywhere. I think though, soon I won't need the check in and will like to start the bus routine.

And Andrew is doing well in school. Which was bothering me for the longest time. Each day he'd come home with a good report and the fluttering would get worse. "When will they see his true colors?!!? And...can they handle it??" Well, word on the street is that they DO see his true colors (well, most of them anyway), and they CAN handle it. Which, for this neurotic mommy, is music to my ears.

And Isaac and I have a new thing going too. We head to the playground, just the two of us, in the mornings. Usually we walk there and walk back (instead of using the stroller) and many days that sufficiently tires him out for naptime! Which honestly, I thought was a thing of the past.

The afternoons are quiet and easy. Andrew and I sit together while he works on his homework. He takes his homework very seriously, which is just so stinkin' adorable. Isaac sometimes joins us with some paper and color pencils of his own. And then Andrew, with snack eaten and homework completed, retreats to his room for some time alone to play.

Anyway, that's been our lovely, mundane, daily happenings. And these lovely, mundane daily happenings are right up my ally.


Ladkyis said...

I am so glad things are settling. The new routine sounds excellent and the bus to school will be another step on the road to growing up - I remember that so well.

Miss Vicki said...

As a mother myself, I am feeling so much better after reading this blog. There is so much comfort in feeling settled-at least between life's crises!

Plume said...

We do the playground in the mornings too as part of his naptime routine. Or if I really want to tire him, we walk to the library, which is further away, and that always makes him sleep 2+ hours. But my kid is soon to loose his nap, I just feel it. :-(