Monday, October 18, 2010


Weekend don't always work out like we want them too. In fact, sometimes weekends are harder than weekdays and we stumble through trying to make the best of it. But, thankfully, this was not one of those weekends.

We knocked this one outta the park.

On Saturday we stayed home for a lot of the day. Andrew made a marble track, Dave stored our air conditioners and I played a little catch-up from our full and hectic week.

Isaac found Andrew's marble track and ran a few marbles through before...

totally destroying it.

On Sunday, after church, we drove out to the Bronx for Boo at the Zoo!

And I'm sorry, but dang it. These kids are stinkin' cute. And the matching Halloween shirts??? BRILLIANT!! Thank you, ETSY!!!

Now if we can just work on sitting together for a picture...

So, I take the kiddos to a zoo of some kind every few months. But, they never really noticed the animals. Andrew's favorite part is the map. He studies the map we carry around and always wants to know where we are and where we are going.

For Halloween, the zoo had all kinds of fall activities...our favorite being the Hay Maze, of course. I mean, you all could pretty much write the blog for me at this point, no?

We did the Halloween activites and stopped to see a few animals, you know, for the heck of it...but this time something weird happened. Both of the kids noticed that there were animals at the zoo!! Dave put Isaac up on his shoulders so he could see the giraffes (one of the only animals Isaac knows the name of) and Isaac saw them and said, "Giraffe!" And my heart nearly burst.

And we all stood and watched the polar bear play with his ball in the water for a long time, Andrew narrating the play-by-play, Dave and I stealing glances at each other, grateful for a minute that one of us was not running off to chase anybody. It was pretty great.

So, a lovely, restful, productive, fall weekend.
Hope yours was good too!


Ruth said...

Oh, it sounds as though you all had a perfect weekend. Am loving all your photos, especially the one of the 2 boys looking at each other ~ too cute for words.

Deb said...

The photos of your boys are precious - especially in their matching Halloween shirts! Too cute.

LOVE the candy corn banner, Robyn!!! Did you string them together? I saw a photo of candy corn garland on the cover of Women's Day magazine and thought about making it, but I wasn't sure my cats would leave it alone.

Melissa said...

Looks like so much fun. I love those marble tracks!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip to the zoo. Mine only ever noticed the play areas when they were small. And the giant pretzels. "We get big prezzles?" was there way of asking to go to the zoo.

Susan said...

So I was all set to brag about how William recognizes giraffes and says "raffes" in such a cute way. Then he toddled in while I was reading this post and said, "Raffes! Oink, oink!" So, uh, never mind.

Goes On Runs said...

um....i love candy corn. i think it taste better than it looks... especially now that it has "real" honey in it... thank you brachs (which is the only brand to buy). ;)

Mama V said...

What fun! Glad you had a great weekend!