Friday, October 22, 2010

week's recap

I'm feeling in the groove of figuring out again how to work at home.
It's not been all smooth sailing, there have definitely been hiccups.
But, I'm getting there.
I don't feel nearly as exhausted this week as I did this time last week.
Everything that seemed really hard on Tuesday (changing Isaac's diaper, working with Andrew and his school, folding laundry), doesn't seem that hard today.
Tonight I plan on watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with Andrew.
Maybe I should make some popcorn.
This weekend we have plans to find some trees and walk around in them.
And perhaps finally check out the new Purl Soho (right Mama V?).
And, on Sunday, is the National Event: MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!! I swear she gets prettier each year. (and I'm hoping the same for myself! I do look at lot like her!)

and that's a wrap.


Deb said...

VERY cute cards, Robyn. And good for you for getting into the swing of things. I knew you would! xo

Ruth said...

The 2nd card is my favourite; initially I thought they were mini-books and was suitably impressed. Glad to hear you're beginning to get on top of your new work schedule ~ there's a lot going on!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Really cute cards!