Friday, December 3, 2010

When Family's Not Around

call on your friends.

Today is Day 1 of Phase 2 of the boys' room redo. We are cleaning out their room. In a serious way. Sorting and tossing and donating and cleaning and prepping their space for paint. And Day 1 of our Child Support Team will be here in 30 minutes to whisk off the boys to the playground and library so Dave and I can maximize our time. Day 2 of our Child Support Team comes tomorrow to whisk off the boys to the Children's Museum so we can paint. And Day 3 comes Monday so we can do some work on their floors.

Thank you to all members of our Child Support Team! Thank goodness for friends. And triple-pinch-me-I-can't-believe-my-luck that I have these friends that get our kids. Ahhhh, sweet relief.

Let the wild rumpus begin!

Most members of the Child Support Team will be paid in cookies. Cookie currency isn't so bad, right?


Ladkyis said...

Cookie currency is the very best kind. I love being paid in cookies - but only by people that "get" me and my family.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Cookies are the best! It's great to have people you can really count on.

Tabitha and Larry said...

Good cookies can be pretty pricey these days. I think it's a win win. Those look scrumptious.