Wednesday, January 19, 2011

kindness: mid-January

Things I've noticed about kindness lately:

1. Going out with friends is kind. Connecting and following up and caring is kind. I can get shy about that kind of thing and pushing away that shy-ness and taking the risk is kind. Being social is kind.

2. Hiding in my room to give my family a break from Robyn The Grouch: very, very kind. Perhaps an award-winning move. Being anti-social is kind.

3. Whenever I have to rush somewhere I am not kind at all. Giving myself some extra time? kind. And then when I am late, trying my darndest to not care and tell myself that it's alright to be late? It usually helps. Trying to do it right is kind. Forgiving myself when I don't is kind.

4. Kindness is knowing that not everyone is going to agree with every decision you make and just letting that be.

Am I any kinder than 2 weeks ago? Nope.
Have I learned more about kindness. I think so.


Marlorie and Joshua said...

You were definitely kind to me this weekend!!!!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great collection of thoughts. Number 4 is always a challenge