Wednesday, January 12, 2011

on my mind

1. We are finally establishing a week's schedule that covers the bases. I'm surprised at how long it took, but now that it's figured out I feel really, really good about it. Andrew has art class on Mondays, therapies on Tuesdays and Thursdays, playdates on Wednesdays and then on Fridays we'll either lay low or fly high. This week we are planning on meeting Tess and friends (if Tess can recover from her current nasty cold) at the Science Museum. That counts as flying high.

2. I am in the processing of filling out legions of paperwork to get Andrew into a good program for first grade. I'm finding it challenging to check off the boxes. Is he an angry kid? no...except when he's angry. Is he loving? Yes. Except when he's not. These forms leave me feeling like I have no idea who this kid is anyway. Does he sleep well? He sleeps great! Except when he's sleepwalking. How do parents do this? Sooo tricky.

3. Andrew and I are learning about weather and water and clouds in school. He loves it. We did a science experiment yesterday where we tried to make a cloud inside a glass, but it didn't work. So instead when we were outside later we made clouds with our breath. "See MY cloud, Mommy?" I made puffy paint with flour, salt and water for him and Isaac to paint clouds. Isaac painted clouds with focus and enthusiasm while Andrew looked on disgusted at the puffy paint.

4. Andrew got a Charlie Brown clock for Christmas. It has a button that plays the Charlie Brown theme song and when he pushes it, Isaac stops what he's doing to dance. It's so stinkin' cute and a tad uncharacteristic for Isaac. He's not really a dancer. Maybe I should have exposed him to more jazz.

It snowed again last night and we are off to play.
Have a lovely Wednesday.


Susan said...

I don't know if you were actually looking for feedback on those forms :) but in general people have told us that you would ask yourself, "Compared to most kids his age . . . is he?" By that measure I'd say he's a great sleeper, not angrier than usual, and just as loving as you would expect :)

Susan said...

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Melissa said...

you probably already have this covered, but this is a book my sister and her kids love to use:

I'm going to get it for us.

Forms like that are so hard. I kind of hate them. Too simplified. Especially hard when you have to compartmentalize your own child somehow.