Monday, January 31, 2011


1. Snow! This has been the best winter ever!

2. Batman. My brother gave the boys this Bat Cave for Christmas and they play with it daily. This weekend it got a lot of use.

3. On Sunday afternoon we went to the Hall of Science with our friend, Ben. Andrew told us that the part of the museum that he liked the least was the exit.

4. After the museum we stopped by Kirsten's and saw our little friend, Tess. In this picture she is saying "cheeeeeese!"

As we settle into our weekday routines, I feel like we are also settling into a weekend groove too. I feel like my weekdays are filled from morning to night with all kinds of things. So on the weekends I make sure to take more time to sit and read and not really cook and make sure I rest. But I also want a smidgen of adventure since our weekdays are quite home based. And so we've been targeting museums and snowy parks and indoor play areas. I really like weekends right now.


Ruth said...

Love, love love that shot of Andrew looking through the hole in the snow! Great comment from him at the museum ~ don't forget to scrap it!

MandiCrocker said...

Your brother got those boys Batman toys? Whaaaat? ;) Envying the snow! We're finally supposed to have a blizzard on Tuesday... not sure I'm buyin' it!

Mama V said...

me gusta!

Ladkyis said...

for some reason I am not seeing all the pictures. the only one I see is of Andrew in the museum with a guy with a beard. All the others say "this picture is currently unavailable" and then the Flickr logo in the bottom right corner.
Soooooo frustrating! It's probably something to do with Internet exploder or Windoze not liking me

Miss Vicki said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Is that Vermont Ben?