Monday, February 7, 2011


This weekend we went into Chinatown for Chinese New Year. It didn't quite go as planned. Most of our time was spent looking for bathrooms and then trying to comfort an inconsolable Isaac. We finally grabbed a cab to take us home, which sure enough, cheered Isaac right up. In between bathroom sleuthing and cab hailing, we did launch a few fireworks.


During the week I find the noise of the TV stressful. I want if OFF OFF OFF. But on the weekends, it doesn't bother me as much. And when it is so calming for Isaac, I become a HUGE supporter of excessive amounts of TV.


Sadly, this week Isaac discovered that when you launch Buzz Lightyear from the top bunk, his arms will fall off. Now Buzz looks a little sad and battle-worn, but when I try to play to Andrew's soft side with my "Poor Buzz Lightyear. He looks so sad now." Andrew looks at me and logically replies, "Mom. He's a toy." Buzz is still getting lots of playtime despite his new look.


Come to think of it, Gordon is broken too. And he still gets lots and lots of love.


Dave and Andrew went for a walk this weekend and walked past a run-down Victorian near us. Dave asked Andrew what he thinks happened to that house. He told Dave, "I think a baby lived there and messed it all up." a baby that might throw Buzz Lightyear off the top bunk? That kind of baby?? What exactly does he think Isaac is capable of? Yikes!


Ruth said...

Great photos!! I love that my son and yours are both playing with the same toy. Our Buzz, btw, is the real deal, because he suddenly starts saying, "hello? hello? anyone there?" when no-one is anywhere near him!
Lovely shot of you ~ you really look as though you are pondering the answer to D's question!

Cat said...

I love the picture of Isaac looking so sad in the stroller. I wish I could give him a big hug! Was he really sad or was he looking for pity?

Wendy said...

Oh man -- you've captured life with two little boys so perfectly with this post. That photo of Isaac in the stroller really is great. I found myself saying "Oh buddy!" out loud when I saw it. And the stories of Buzz and babies messing up houses could have been recorded from our house right now. My 2yo regularly explains to us that "Buzz. Fwy. Boken."

Susan said...

Aww, that shot of Isaac so sad in the stroller, but surrounded by party/confetti/fun . . . it's just too much!

I find that my kids pick up on little things I say and really exaggerate them in their imaginations.

firefly said...

The way you captured the little Chinese girl in the background of picture number two makes that photo so much more interesting and complex.

The look on Andrew's face in picture number two is absolutely knock-your-socks-off fantastic. I just want to eat him for breakfast.

Robyn said...

Ruth! So funny! We had an Ernie that used to do that. It was downright eerie!

Cat, he was REALLY sad. REALLY sad. About 5 minutes after that photo he threw a huge fit. It was pretty stressful!

Thanks Wendy!

I know, Susan. We certainly don't keep it a secret that Isaac can be quite destructive. ;)

Marti! Now I look at that photo so differently! I used to think, "Cute! So many fireworks! How fun!" Now I think, "White man, stealing cultural holiday." :( Though, I imagine she set off lots of her own fireworks. I hope so at least!

Miss Vicki said...

"Out of the mouths of babes"
Andrew is spot on!! And the pictures are gorgeous!! I could just gobble those boys up!

Mama V said...

Beyond cute! The stories AND the pics!